Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tracking Software: Google Analytics

Previously I have discuss with you which one to choose between all those PPC advertising program and today we will discuss about Tracking Software for Google’s Publisher and Advertiser called Google Analytics.

It was free platform of tracking software tool that was compatible with Adwords products. It can track where the visitors come, track email ads, banner ads and many more. No doubt it was one of the convenience Google’s Tools, as expected. :D

If I not mistaken, it has 3 main perspective views: ass Executive, as Webmaster and as
You can know what browser that they are using, the connections: dial-up, broadband or others. It’s help me to know my visitors more and I think its can help you too.

Even if you are not using Google Adwords yet, you can also apply them. So take the step to track your web and your ads by joining Google Analytics.

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