Sunday, October 15, 2006

Multiple Custom Channels, Are you ready?

Adsense have launched multiple channels that allow publishers to track down the ad performance and more flexibility. When generate the code, you have an option to add up till maximum of 5 custom channels.

Now, how can these features affects us?

If you do care which ads and which placement would give an impact for your earning, you should try this new function. Why you don’t monitories your revenue while you have these futures?

We look the real life example; I quote this nice example from google groups:

For example, let's say you run a sports website and you've placed a leaderboard at the top and bottom of every page. To track the performance of the ad placement, you've created two custom channels -- 'TopLeaderboard' and 'BottomLeaderboard' -- and regenerated your ad code appropriately.

But what if you also want to compare your football pages and your baseball pages at the same time? With multiple custom channels, this isn't a problem. Just create two new custom channels called 'FootballPages' and 'BaseballPages', and add them to the appropriate ad units. Now your leaderboards will each be tagged with two custom channels that let you know which position they're in (top or bottom), and the type of page on which they appear (football or baseball).

Now, what your opinion on this new future?

I have tried it but have problem. I have tag ppcimages which 2 channel for every single placement and when I got a click, the main channel change it but not the other channel such as top_menu, and sidebar. Maybe I misplace the coding? (I just replace the channel codes only rather than all, maybe thats why it doesnt work?)

Oh, maybe you should consider one channel for our images at ;)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hi and Welcome To

Hi. Welcome to Pay Per Click Strategy Blog. Here you can find the updated content of strategies that being used by people from the world.

Another interesting by MyPPC groups is, where you can find the images for you adsense.